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New Consultation Pricing Effective 1 Jan 2017


News update – we have a new consultation pricing system; please see details below: >> 1-hour skin analysis & consultation with Director, Bianca Estelle: £150 or 30-min Skype Consultation for £75 Bianca Estelle is available only on Mondays and Fridays at the following location: 98 Crawford Street, London W1H 2HL London (Head Office) >>1-hour skin…

New Blood Diagnostic Service this Autumn


If you talk to most skincare experts, they will tell you the key to flawless skin lies in a few different places. Some will emphasize the importance of sticking to daily regime. Others will emphasize skin treatments like peels or microdermabrasion; but we’re certain that close to every professional will mention diet or other internal…

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Happy World Heart Day From VIL: 6 Es to protect your heart


Today, we’re celebrating World Heart Day in conjunction with the World Heart Federation. Their theme this year is “Power Your Life”: your heart powers your whole body and helps you live your life to the fullest. A few simple daily changes are all it takes to make a lasting difference to your heart’s health and increase your life expectancy. We at…

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How to fight hepatitis – World Hepatitis Day


Today is World Hepatitis Day and this year’s campaign theme for WHD is Elimination. Hepatitis is usually caused by a viral infection where the liver becomes inflamed. There are various other causes of hepatitis including drug and alcohol abuse, toxins, and it has even been known to occur as a side effect of certain medications. There are many different types of Hepatitis, such as Hepatitis A,…

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Fat Can Be A Disease – Lipoedema Awareness Day


Lipoedema is a disease that affects as many as 11% of women. It is characterised by the accumulation of fat (adipose tissue) around the thighs and buttocks. People who are affected by this disease present with a disproportionate body; often, the upper part of the body appears relatively petite in comparison to the thighs and lower extremities….