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Menopausal Symptoms


Is the menopause dragging you down? IV and IM vitamin injections for menopause symptom relief offer an extra and, occasionally, an alternative means by which side effects at all stages of the menopause can be managed.

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New Consultation Pricing Effective 1 Jan 2017


News update – we have a new consultation pricing system; please see details below: >> 1-hour skin analysis & consultation with Director, Bianca Estelle: £150 or 30-min Skype Consultation for £75 Bianca Estelle is available only on Mondays and Fridays at the following location: 98 Crawford Street, London W1H 2HL London (Head Office) >>1-hour skin…

New Blood Diagnostic Service this Autumn


If you talk to most skincare experts, they will tell you the key to flawless skin lies in a few different places. Some will emphasize the importance of sticking to daily regime. Others will emphasize skin treatments like peels or microdermabrasion; but we’re certain that close to every professional will mention diet or other internal…

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Fat Can Be A Disease – Lipoedema Awareness Day


Lipoedema is a disease that affects as many as 11% of women. It is characterised by the accumulation of fat (adipose tissue) around the thighs and buttocks. People who are affected by this disease present with a disproportionate body; often, the upper part of the body appears relatively petite in comparison to the thighs and lower extremities….