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Vitamin Injections for Energy


You might be out of energy, but you're not out of luck. Although it's possible that you may be deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients, our energy-boosting intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) injections may be exactly what's needed to recharge your body.

Our B vitamin injections for energy can improve physical stamina and mental agility. They can also combat cortisol overproduction, which leads to weight gain and skin problems, and improve the symptoms of anaemia. As B vitamins assist with the transformation of carbohydrates into glucose, they can be taken intramuscularly or intravenously as a weight loss supplement.

Vitamin C injections help preserve the body's natural energy resources. As vitamin C encourages electron production in the body, they can prevent physical burn out.

Combining both of these ingredients with folic acid, another B vitamin, can help protect DNA and provide a powerful energy boost. This injection is especially popular amongst athletes and gym bunnies, who are most susceptible to physical burnout.


B Vitamin injections for energy, along with vitamin C and folic acid, provide fuel for vital cells and prevent the onset of health conditions and illness.


In comparison to vitamin injections, oral multi vitamins release small amounts of energy into the bloodstream, making it difficult for individuals to adhere to recommended daily allowances (DV%) of vitamins.


In the 1940s, scientists found that B vitamin injections for energy could effectively treat deficiencies. We offer different types of B vitamin injections, including synthetic Cyanocobalamin, natural Methylcobalamin and pure Hydroxocobalamin.


The body cannot store water-soluble vitamin C, making it necessary to supplement our vitamin C levels regularly.

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