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Skin Brightening with Antioxidants


At our UK antioxidant injection clinic in London, we offer safe, natural and hydroquinone-free skin brightening with our signature intravenous (IV) course: Meso-Infusion With Antioxidants. We also offer Glow Bright With Kojic Acid intravenous (IV) therapy and Surface White Mesotherapy micro-injections for localised areas of pigmentation.

A course of Meso-Infusion injections can brighten the complexion across the entire body. This IV combines an essential antioxidant with vitamin C and ALA in order to enhance its efficacy.

Our Glow Bright With Kojic Acid infusions are a cost-effective alternative to our antioxiant Meso-Infusion course. They contain the alpha hydroxy kojic acid, which brightens the skin and corrects UV damage.

An ideal treatment for localised dark spots, Surface White Mesotherapy injections deposit a pure brightening antioxidant directly into the epidermis, treating specific areas of discolouration, melasma, and hyperpigmentation.


At our UK skin brightening clinic, we offer intravenous antioxidant IVs and micro-injections along with kojic acid injections.


We use a tyrosinase-inhibiting ingredient, which stalls the production of melanin and hydrates the skin at its cellular level.


Kojic acid is a natural, mushroom-derived brightening agent which is safe to administer intravenously.


For Meso-Infusion injections, we combine our principal brightening antioxidant with vitamin C and additional antioxidant alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Please note: it is impossible to give an accurate dosage level in milligrams (mg) until your weight and skin type are assessed in consultation.

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