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Stemcellation (IV/IM)


Rejuvenate your skin and body with Stemcellation injections, which contain placenta lucchini (sheep placenta) stem cells. As progenitor cells, placenta lucchini stem cells have regenerative properties, which makes Stemcellation therapy a powerful antidote to many age-related concerns.

This is a non-vegetarian, animal-derived injection; we also offer a vegetarian Green Stemcellation injection with plant stem cells.

Typically, we administer the sheep placenta injection intravenously (IV), with intramuscular (IM) administration available upon request.



In addition to stem cells (sheep placenta), each injection contains a series of additional active ingredients. These include physiologically active carbohydrate, nucleic acid, epithelial growth factor, amino acids, hydrolysed collagen, and concentrated bioprotein. To learn more about the other ingredients in our Stemcellation injections, visit our Vitamin Glossary.



Stem cells improve the condition of the skin and body in numerous ways. Undertaken as a regular anti-ageing therapy, sheep placenta injections can diminish the signs of ageing. They have the following advantages:

  • The Stemcellation injection has a very low toxicity level, meaning there is no risk of damaging vital organs, as long as the correct dose is administered.
  • Since IV and IM supplements enter the bloodstream, not only are they better absorbed by the body, they can reach the entire integumentary system, meaning that the Stemcellation injection benefits the skin, hair, and nails.

Treatment Indications

The sheep placenta injection can stimulate collagen production as well as:

  • Improve cosmetic skin problems, including wrinkles, discolouration, pigmentation, eye bags, and uneven skin tones.
  • Complement other anti-ageing injections offered by Vitamin Injections London.

Benefits of the Stemcellation injection

Stem cell injections have the following benefits:

  • Many popular anti-ageing injections focus on specific body areas only, whereas the Stemcellation injection is delivered into the bloodstream. This means that its active ingredients benefit the entire body.
  • This makes our stem cell injection a relatively fast route towards the repair of ageing cells and the stimulation of new cell growth; conventional aesthetic treatments, by contrast, treat localised areas only.
  • As an animal-derived product, this injection contains natural ingredients that are safe for administration.

What To Expect

Vitamin Injections London is headed by skilled IV/IM Nurses and Aesthetic Practitioners, who will conduct a full review of your medical history and advise you regarding your suitability for the Stemcellation sheep placenta injection.

Vitamin Injections London is headed by skilled IV/IM Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist Bianca Estelle. Our experienced nutrient therapy practitioners will conduct a full review of your medical history and advise you regarding your suitability for the Stemcellation sheep placenta injection…

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