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Fat Burning Injections


Support your weight loss and body shaping goals without resorting to potentially harmful pills or procedures. Our natural fat burning injections can help individuals who are resistant to conventional diet and exercise methods to lose weight safely.

We offer both individual and combination injections, such as our Weight Loss System, which includes B12 and B complex injections, as well as our Ultimate Shred & Shed System, which adds an L-Carnitine IV to the mix.

To date, our fat burning injections have helped many achieve their personal goals, and positive results are typically apparent within weeks.

Disclaimer: A healthy, balanced diet along with regular exercise need to be undertaken alongside the treatment and/or course. Individuals with underlying medical issues and/or with diabetes, thyroid conditions, endocrine conditions, or any other health conditions that may contribute to weight gain or compromise their metabolism may not respond to the proposed treatment, and/or may require additional treatments.


Fat burning injections utilise a number of special compounds in order to kill fat cells and boost metabolic functioning.


Numerous weight loss pills are available on the open market. Many of these supplements are fairly ineffective; at worst, they contain damaging ingredients.


Fat burning ingredients have a long and established history. We use natural compounds that are injected into the body for a variety of specific purposes.


Deficiencies in L-Carnitine can lead to fatigue, loss of physical strength, and reduced energy levels. Our IV infusions of L-Carnitine support the body's natural process of turning surplus adipose (fatty) tissue into fuel.

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