Alpha-lipoic Acid Shots (IV)

The ALA IV drip shot actively protects the skin and body from oxidative damage. They also work alongside other important antioxidants in the body, such as vitamin E and C. As a powerful antioxidant, alpha-lipoic acid is naturally synthesised within our bodies and is found in every cell. With the help of alpha-lipoic acid delivered intravenously (via IV) into the bloodstream, the body can produce more energy.

The build-up of free radicals within the body can cause cellular damage. At first, our body can compensate for this damage and repair itself, yet over the course of time, this process can take its toll and negatively affect our tissues and organs. Free radicals are essentially waste products that are created when the cells in our body process nutrients into energy. The ALA IV drip delivers this powerful antioxidant into the bloodsteam, where it can attack free radicals and prevent further damage from occurring.

ALA IV Drip Shot - Alpha Lipoic Acid - Vitamin Injections London

Benefits of the ALA IV Drip Shot

Nowhere is the process of ageing and cellular damage more apparent than in our skin, which is constantly exposed to toxins, dust, bacteria, and UV light from the exterior. It is also subject to the aggression of free radicals produced within the body.

Alpha lipoic acid has long been an anti-ageing staple. By preventing inflammation and damage at a cellular level, ALA IV drip shots can help improve the quality of skin as well as diminish photo ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles.

Therefore, alpha-lipoic acid supplementation may help to prevent and treat cellular damage. It can also help to restore vitamin E and vitamin C levels within the body.

Treatment indications

ALA IV drip shots can be undertaken for the following:

  • Damaged, inelastic and aged skin;
  • Can be taken alongside¬†Meso-Infusion treatments.


  • Improves skin quality (elasticity, tone and texture);
  • Promotes skin radiance and luminosity;
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and sun damage
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Can reduce side effects of other treatments.

What to expect

Prior to your ALA IV drip shot, we recommend drinking plenty of water and if possible, eating a light meal. During the procedure, the nutrients will be administered via a small butterfly needle, which will be inserted into an appropriate site (usually the forearm).

In order to achieve maximum benefits from our alpha-lipoic acid injections, a course of alpha lipoic acid infusions is recommended. Please visit our prices page to find out more.

Vitamin Injections London is headed by skilled IV/IM Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist Bianca Estelle. Our experienced IV/IM practitioners have been trained to make the procedure as relaxing and painless as possible. We will conduct a full review of your medical history and advise you regarding your suitability for ALA IV drip shots in London's Marylebone.

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