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Discover the pinnacle of functional intravenous nutrient therapy at Vitamin Injections London. Elevate your wellness journey with our award-winning IV infusion clinic, situated conveniently in London and Orpington.

Unlock a world of rejuvenation with our range of energy-boosting shots, detoxifying infusions, body-contouring injections, and anti-aging cocktails—all meticulously crafted to invigorate your body and illuminate your skin from within.

In just fifteen minutes, experience the transformative power of our pure, concentrated vitamins delivered straight into your bloodstream, amplifying your vitality and radiance.

Located in London's Marylebone, our flagship IV infusion clinic is within close proximity to world-famous Harley Street where we offer an extensive menu of injections and aesthetic services. We also host pop-up clinics throughout the UK.

Nestled in the heart of Marylebone, our flagship clinic stands proud near the renowned Harley Street, offering an extensive array of injections and aesthetic services. Plus, keep an eye out for our pop-up clinics across the UK.

Our dedicated customer service team is at your disposal from Monday to Saturday, ready to address any inquiries and assist in scheduling appointments with our expert IV-trained practitioners. With a global clientele, we extend a warm welcome to visitors from across the UK and beyond, providing both in-person and virtual consultations for your convenience. Embark on your journey to optimal wellness with us today.


As pioneers in London’s functional IV infusion scene, we understand that only the utmost purity in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients can meet the standards of exceptional care. Client satisfaction stands as our unwavering priority, reflected in our meticulous in-person and virtual consultations aimed at tailoring treatment plans precisely to your unique requirements.

Backed by a team of Nurses and IVNT specialists with profound expertise in pharmacology and IV cannulation, our commitment to excellence is fortified by our affiliations with esteemed organizations such as the AVA (Association For Vascular Access), NIVAS (National Infusion and Vascular Access Society), and IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine).

Within our IV infusion clinic, an exhaustive array of intramuscular and intravenous nutrient therapies awaits, complemented by an exclusive treatment menu featuring anti-ageing cocktails, fat reduction therapies, and skin brightening infusions with antioxidants and kojic acid.

Elevate your wellness journey further with our VIL wellness supplemental products, conveniently available for purchase at our London clinics, alongside a selection of treatment gift vouchers valued at £25, £50 and £100.

Experience the pinnacle of personalized care and rejuvenation with us today.

iv infusion clinic
iv infusion clinic
iv infusion clinic


Rest assured, at Vitamin Injections London, you’re entrusting your wellness journey to seasoned professionals. Our distinguished team comprises skilled practitioners, including Nurses and IVNT specialists, alongside our Clinical Director, a revered Skin Specialist boasting over 18 years of expertise in aesthetic medicine. Proficient in phlebotomy and IV therapy, our team adheres to the highest standards of care. Furthermore, our Clinical Director’s affiliations with key organizations in the field underscore our commitment to excellence, as detailed below.


iv infusion clinic

Explore our extensive selection of rejuvenating therapies tailored to enhance your vitality and well-being. From anti-aging to energy-boosting, fat-burning to detoxification, our menu encompasses a spectrum of wellness solutions. Continuously evolving, our offerings extend beyond injections to encompass chelation therapy, oxygen therapy, regenerative medicine, DNA profiling, and diagnostic testing services, all available at our state-of-the-art IV infusion clinic.

Among our standout treatments is the Meso-Infusion IV, a signature blend melding a potent complexion-brightening antioxidant with vitamin C and alpha-lipoic acid. Administered directly into the bloodstream, the transformative effects of this regimen are evident within weeks, promising a revitalized you from the very start.

iv infusion clinic

Visit us for in-person consultations at our conveniently situated Crawford St, London clinic every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and alternate Saturday. Additionally, keep an eye out for our pop-up clinics across various UK locations, offering consultations and treatments for your convenience.

To streamline your experience, our dedicated customer services team is ready to assist with travel arrangements. Alternatively, opt for the ease and flexibility of online Zoom consultations with our practitioners, available throughout the week. Visit our contact page to schedule your virtual appointment at our IV infusion clinic



Vitamin Injections London is the sister clinic of bea Skin Clinic. Founded by Clinical Director Bianca Estelle, a highly experienced Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist, we specialise in the provision of IV, IM, and micro-injection procedures to clients in Marylebone, London, and Orpington.

.Beginning her career as a senior laser therapist working in Harley Street, London, Bianca has achieved advanced level accreditations in aesthetic medicine and IV cannulation. Taught by several of Europe’s top dermatologists as well as renowned IVNT medical practitioners in the United States, Bianca benefits from 18 years of hands-on clinical and academic experience. She is a graduate of the prestigious International IV Nutritional Therapy’s Global Physical Education programme in the United States, and has completed her professional examinations in ‘Fundamentals and Clinical Applications of IV Nutrient Therapies’. Most recently, she was voted “Best Advanced Skincare Expert & Wellness Practitioner” at the Attracta Beauty Awards 2020.

Alongside her clinical interest in IVNT, Bianca has acted as an official UK trainer for Dermaceutics, PCA Skin, Sigmacon (formerly Lumenis), Medicos and Secret Spa UK. Her award-winning line of medical grade skin care products are used by aesthetics professionals throughout the country, and she has developed a professional-only line of vitamin-based cosmeceutical products, VIL Skin Care, for which she is Head Product Trainer.

Additionally, Bianca’s range of VIL Wellness supplement products have garnered positive attention on account of their unique transdermal delivery mechanism. These are retailed both online and at her IV infusion clinics in Marylebone, London and Orpington..



Sharn is a trained phlebotomist and IV Practitioner. As a valued member of our clinical and management team, she provides IV & IM therapies and oversees the day-to-day running of our clinics, working closely with our Clinical Director, practitioners and customer service team members to ensure the continuance of a high level of service to all clients. With a strong interest in IVNT therapy, Sharn is well-versed in all aspects of pharmacology and blood diagnostics as well as our full menu of intravenous and intramuscular injection therapies. Working alongside Vitamin Injections London’s Clinical Director Bianca Estelle, Sharn takes a great deal of interest in the wellbeing of her clients and has spearheaded new treatment approaches at Vitamin Injections London.

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