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b12 methylcobalamin injections london

B12 Cyanocobalamin, B12 Methylcobalamin and B12 Hydroxocobalamin Injections

At Vitamin Injections London, we offer Cyanocobalamin, Methylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin vitamin B12 injections. In case you’re unfamiliar with these three different types of B12, here are some key facts:

  • Cyanocobalamin is a molecule found in the first type of B12. It is a synthetic chemical that isn’t naturally found in the body, although once it reaches the bloodstream via an intramuscular (IM) injection, the body will change it into Methylcobalamin. Small amounts of unconverted Cyanocobalamin will still be present in the body’s system, although nothing more than is ‘left behind’ by common supplements and foodstuffs containing B12.

B12 Cyanocobalamin injections are totally safe and effective in the treatment of fatigue, stress, and low energy. However, there are certain instances where B12 Methylcobalamin injections are a better choice than Cyanocobalamin:

  • Methylcobalamin is found naturally in the body and is required for its optimal functioning. Unlike Cyanocobalamin, it doesn’t tax the body with the need for a conversion process when injected into the muscles as a regular IM shot, or when ingested orally. Aside from this, two of the key benefits of Methylcobalamin B12 injections over B12 Cyanocobalamin injections are the greater amount of time that the former persists once it enters the body, and its higher potency.

In cases of severe B12 deficiency, Methylcobalamin B12 injections are highly recommended. Principally, this is due to the fact that individuals who are very deficient in B12 may experience a delay in the conversion of Cyanocobalamin into Methylcobalamin. For healthy individuals who desire a super fast ‘pick me up’, Methylcobalamin injections can prove to be slightly more fast acting than their synthetic counterpart, although both are highly effective. As a premium form of B12, Methylcobalamin B12 injections are slightly higher in price than Cyanocobalamin injections, which means a course of treatment is a more expensive undertaking.

  • Hydroxocobalamin A pure form of B12, Hydroxocobalamin is suitable for older individuals who wish to address B12 deficiencies, for those with inflammatory skin conditions, and for those who desire to improve various aspects of their integumentary system, including the hair, skin and nails.

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