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IV Push vs IV Infusion: Which One’s Better?

IV pushes, also known as boluses, and IV infusions, also known as drips, are two popular methods of administering medications directly into the bloodstream via a needle inserted into the vein. Here, we break down the difference between IV bolus and IV infusion injections and explain why we use our preferred method of IV administration at Vitamin Injections London.

IV push vs IV infusion injections: the low down

An IV push injection rapidly delivers a single dose of medicine directly into the bloodstream and takes very little time. In comparison, the IV infusion takes longer as it relies on gravity, although the dosage rate can be controlled more minutely by monitoring the drops per minute.

Whilst both IV methods have advantages over oral medication consumption, the IV push vs IV infusion method has several advantages. IV infusions are time-consuming and have a greater risk of infection and complications due to the potential for blood clots and air bubble formation. With IV pushes, once the treatment apparatus is set u the medication flows from the syringe into the vein via a tube controlled by the practitioner, allowing for the treatment to be monitored closely.


How do IV Push injections work?

Once the needle at the end of the tube is securely inserted into the vein (usually at the back of the hand or in the fold of the arm), the syringe containing the IV push infusion is attached to the other end of the tube. As the plunger is pressed, the medicine flows through the tube into the body and is absorbed and carried into the bloodstream. With IV push vs IV infusion injections, the process takes only 15 minutes or so when compared with the infusion (drip) method.

IV push vs IV infusion benefits

The advantages of IV push injections are as follows:

IV push injections enable vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to reach the bloodstream quickly. The medication’s effects are therefore more immediate and pronounced when compared to the slower IV drip method.
As the IV push vs IV infusion (drip) method is fast, clients don’t need to take more than 15 minutes out from their daily schedule to undergo an IV push injection.
IV push injections are safer than IV drips. If a rare adverse reaction was to occur, the practitioner controlling the injection is able to detect untoward effects immediately and respond accordingly.
Since the needle and tubing remain attached to the vein for a short duration, the chances of infections after IV push injections are minimal.

Which vitamin treatments are available with the IV Push method?

Due to the efficacy and proven benefits of the IV push vs IV infusion method, Vitamin Injections London use IV push injections exclusively in the following cases:

– Anti-Ageing treatments: Baby Face, Stemcellation and Collagen Vitamin Complex Shot
– Energy treatments: Pick Me Up B12 Shot with Folic Acid and Vitamin C
– Skin Lightening treatments: Glow Bright with Kojic Acid and Meso-Infusion With Glutathione
– Fat Burning treatments: Lipo Blast, The Ultimate Shed & Shred System and the L-Carnitine IV Infusion
– Health & Wellness treatments: The Myers Cocktail and the Glutathione Wellness Injection.

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