Vitamin Facial Rejuvenation Package

Our Vitamin Facial Rejuvenation Package is designed to give your complexion a youthful and healthy glow. This treatment includes one intravenous (IV) or intramuscular (IM) vitamin injection (the choice is yours!), a vitamin skin resurfacer treatment, a session of powerful photorejuvenation (LED light) therapy, and a relaxing face mask treatment.

Vitamin injections for face and skin

The Vitamin Facial Rejuvenation Package is a four-part treatment given in a single session:

  • You will be given a choice between a Vitamin B12 Shot, Vitamin B Complex Forte Skin & Cell Repair Shot (IV) or Lipo Boost (IM) shot;
  • After your chosen vitamin injection is administered, medical grade vitamin C skin resurfacer will be applied to the skin. This treatment involves the use of aluminium oxide crystals to gently exfoliate the skin and resurface the upper outer layer (epidermis);
  • LED light therapy will be used to stimulate collagen and kill acne bacteria;
  • Lastly, an antioxidant face mask will be applied to decongest and rejuvenate the skin.

What to expect

Vitamin Injections London is headed by skilled IV/IM Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist Bianca Estelle. Our experienced IV/IM practitioners will conduct a full review of your medical history and advise you regarding your suitability for vitamin injections for face and skin rejuvenation.

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