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How Do Glutathione Suppositories Work?

Generally speaking, suppositories are considered to be more effective than oral supplements – but why? We explain how suppositories work and why they’re used to improve the skin’s condition, boost immunity and much more.

What are suppositories?

Suppositories are medications that are inserted into the body through the rectum, urethra or vagina, although rectal suppositories are the most commonly used types.

Just like oral pills, capsules, syrups and injections, a suppository delivers medication directly into the body. However, they are considered to be more effective than oral supplements as they facilitate the direct delivery of compounds into the bloodstream, and by extension, into the skin and other target organs by skipping the digestive process.

Ultimately, the benefits of suppositories relate to their mode of delivery as well as the quality of the ingredients they contain. Indeed, pure glutathione suppositories can help you derive the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerative benefits of this vital antioxidant.

How do suppositories work in the body?

Suppositories usually have a base made of gelatin or cocoa butter. This surrounds the primary ingredients and once inserted, the warmth of the body melts the base, allowing the suppository’s primary ingredients to be released slowly.

For example, when a glutathione suppository is inserted into the body, this active ingredient is released at a controlled rate before being absorbed into the bloodstream. Here, it reaches various organs and tissues to support healing, tissue regeneration and the body’s natural antioxidant activities.

Here is a breakdown of how Glutathione Vitamin Suppositories work:

  • Glutathione is one of the most indispensable and versatile nutrients needed to improve skin health. It is found in all the cells of the body including the skin, liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys.
  • Glutathione possesses natural antioxidant properties and protects the body against free radicals released as a by-product of metabolic activities. Although the body has the ability to destroy free radicals naturally, a build-up can occur as a result of an unhealthy diet, ageing, mental stress, sun exposure, smoking and exposure to environmental pollutants.
  • The damage caused by free radicals leads to oxidative stress, increasing the risk of illness. It can also accelerate degenerative processes and result in early wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Should these symptoms prevail, there could be an additional need to support the body’s natural antioxidant potential by using high-quality glutathione-based suppositories, in order to promote natural antioxidant activities and minimise free radical damage. This also helps to restore skin health, lighten hyperpigmention and delay signs of ageing.
  • Glutathione reaches the liver through the bloodstream and improves the ability of this organ to neutralise toxins and promote DNA repair. It cleanses the blood and rejuvenates the tissues by eliminating toxins that have accumulated within.

What are the advantages of using suppositories over other forms of supplementation?

  • When taken in oral, capsule or liquid form, glutathione takes time to be broken down or absorbed into the blood. In suppository form, however, it skips the process of digestion making its principal active ingredient readily available for use by the body.
  • Glutathione suppositories are suitable for those who can’t swallow medications. For this reason, they are preferred by those with gastric, digestive and intestinal issues that can prevent the stomach from keeping down oral medications or pills from moving through.
  • The use of suppositories allows for a relatively stable environment for the active ingredients to be delivered into the body, providing more consistent results.

Are suppositories comfortable and easy to use?

Most suppositories are small in size and appear as round or cone-shaped tablets that can be easily inserted into your body. They are safe and comfortable to use, having clear advantages over topical creams and lotions that may contain harmful ingredients.

Benefits of Glutathione Vitamin Suppositories

Glutathione Vitamin Suppositories by Vitamin Injections London Wellness work as a natural detoxifier for your body that helps restore the healthy functioning of tissues and organs.

Enriched with natural ingredients, each suppository contains 500 mg of pure glutathione to support skin rejuvenation, detoxification and overall health.

Glutathione is recognised as an antioxidant and immunity booster that protects healthy tissues against free radical damage and supports cell regulatory functions. Glutathione also improves the appearance of the skin, diminishing melasma and hyperpigmentation.

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