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The Multi-Mix Shot is an intravenous (IV) multi-mineral injection that combines five formidable trace metals: selenium, zinc, copper, manganese and chromium. This smart combination of multi-mineral ingredients provides the body with an adequate amount of each metal, depending upon which of these is required in larger quantities and, also, upon which metals are required in smaller amounts (traces). These elements are rarely present in food, so for many individuals, the Multi-Mix Shot could be their sole source of multi-minerals.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

1) Online Purchase is mainly designed for our existing clients to purchase a course online.
2) Once the first treatment is undertaken, no refunds may be issued.
3) Existing clients may need to refill their Medical Questionnaire, at our practitioners’ discretion.
4) Clients will need to call or email and pre book their appointments once their course purchase has been completed.
5) All treatment slots must be booked in advanced; no walk-ins permitted.

Please note: online purchases are designed mainly for existing clients who have already undertaken at least one consultation and subsequent treatment with us. Any purchases from new customers will require them to fill in a secured online Medical Questionnaire and attend a first consultation in advance of any treatment being undertaken.

The suitability of pre-purchased courses for all new clients is at our practitioners’ discretion. An alternative course may be recommended.

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