FEATURED IN TEMPUS MAGAZINE ONLINE – Vitamin Injections London Founder Bianca Estelle on why they are the future


“…I think consumers and brands are finally getting their heads around layering technology [using multiple products at one time] and this will continue to develop. I also envisage beauty from the inside-out gaining popularity. The wellness industry is growing so vastly that consumers are becoming savvier to the fact that what you consume has a…

FEATURED IN METRO UK (WELLBEING) – 10 ways to get a better you


“…7. Vitamin Injections London founder Bianca Estelle says: “Even the best quality oral supplements only provide eight to fifteen per cent of vitamin or active ingredients into the bloodstream. Vitamin Injections London patches provide 90 per cent of vitamins directly into the bloodstream via 12 hours of continuous delivery.”…”

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