£ 150 / MONTH*

  • A 30 minute consultation worth up to £100 with one of our practitioners.
  • One of the following IVs per month worth £100:
    • Vitamin B complex
    • Vitamin C
    • Co-enzyme Q10
  • 20% off all subsequent IVs, Boosters, & Shots
  • 10% off Wellness products
  • One free B12 shot a month, worth £50
  • Complimentary birthday Vitamin IV**

VIL STARTER - Please read T&Cs

  • Everything from the STARTER package
  • 1 month supply of B Complex, B12 or D3 Vitamin patches worth £49.99 (One-time free gift)

ADVANCED - Please read T&Cs.

  • Everything from the ADVANCED package
  • 1 month supply for all 3 Vitamin Skin Patches worth £149.97 (One-time free gift)

VIL ULTRA - Please read T&Cs.

* Monthly payment
** Only if the birthday falls within the subscription period.

Spearheaded by a highly experienced team, the success of our vitamin nutrient therapy treatments comes down to skill, training and passion. Benefitting from a wealth of experience, our practitioners individualise every IV, IM and micro-injection therapy and endeavour to provide the highest standards of care at all times.

As an ambassador for several international aesthetics companies and the creator of our innovative Vitamin Skin Patch collection, Bianca Estelle has many years of experience in producing outstanding health-related and aesthetic results. Supported by our talented, hand-picked practitioners, our common goal is to satisfy clients’ needs through the range of services we provide.

There’s no longer any need to wait around for a discount! As a member of Vitamin Injections London’s exclusive reward scheme, you will reap year-round benefits, including course reductions, special offers and complimentary products. Even with our Starter membership option, you’ll receive an incredible 20% off all treatments after you undergo your first one.

Our Advanced and Ultra memberships are the most comprehensive, as each include a month’s supply of our Vitamin Skin Patches, allowing you to keep up with your health and wellness goals in between treatments.

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Terms and conditions*:

  • Subscription levels are from 3 months, 6 months or 12 months only. All terms and conditions are considered read and agreed once first subscription payment has been made;
  • Subscription cannot be downgraded or cancelled once one of the benefits has been claimed;
  • If customer terminates the subscription prior to its expiration, VIL reserves the right to collect an early termination fee of £200 regardless of the subscription level;
  • All appointments must be booked in advance – refundable booking fee of £50 is mandatory to insure against appointment no-shows;
  • Monthly benefits cannot be brought over to the following month if they were not being claimed.
  • Cancellation fees and lateness fees are chargeable. Please refer to our policies page for more information;
  • Membership card is non-transferable;
  • Please quote your member number when making a booking or claiming a benefit;
  • Always bring your Member Card to your appointment as proof;
  • Please ensure you have received your member card after signing up, if you signed up in the clinic, the card will be given to you on the spot; if you signed up online, you will receive the card within 3-5 working day by post.
  • All member card related bookings must be made in advance.