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Vitamin Injections London's clinics are one-stop destinations for facial mesotherapy treatments, energy boosting vitamin jabs, pioneering anti-ageing IV infusions and powerful body contouring shots. In as little as 15 minutes per week from just £50 for a single treatment, you can benefit from the infusion of pure, concentrated vitamins directly into your body, which help to improve your skin, health and mood from the inside out.

Located at 98 Crawford Street, Vitamin Injections London's flagship IV infusion clinic is in the heart of London's medical district and is in close proximity to Harley Street. We also hold clinics in Antwerp, Belgium and Abuja, Nigeria. Our friendly customer service team are always available to assist you with booking appointments and are ready to answer any questions you might have regarding treatments at Vitamin Injections London. We regularly see clients from all over the UK, Europe and beyond.


Our expertise in vitamin nutrient therapy is reinforced by our performance of almost every cutting-edge therapy available today: from fat reduction therapies to aesthetic skin lightening infusions with glutathione and kojic acid. Vitamin Injections London's Clinical Director retails her own cosmeceutical skin care line, bea Skin Care, from in-house shop at Crawford Street as well as online at bea-skincare.com. Certain bea Skin Care products can enhance the results of professional vitamin injection treatments and therefore come highly recommended. However, if you wish to gift a friend or loved one instead, Vitamin Injections London's online store retails a selection of beautiful gift vouchers and holders in values of £25, £50 and £100.

Unlike other clinics, we only use pure vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients in our IV, IM and Micro-Injection formulas. Our gentle injection techniques ensure that we do not need to administer painkillers nor steroids along with treatments. Additionally, our practitioners benefit from an in-depth knowledge of pharmacology, which in turn allows us to form bespoke treatment plans and also identify whether any medication taken by the client can negatively affect their ability to absorb vitamins.

Vitamin Injections London - iv infusion clinic


Our most popular treatment - Meso-Infusion - combines powerful complexion-brightening glutathione, vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid. Deposited directly into the body with a small needle, the positive effects of vitamin injections can be seen in weeks. Additionally, our range of anti-ageing, energy boosting, fat burning and wellness injections treat a wide range of aesthetic and health-related concerns.

In-person consultations are available from our centrally located Crawford Street, London clinic every Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. In addition, we offer online Skype consultations throughout the week for clients who are located outside of London. Please visit our contact page to request a booking and begin your journey to better health and self-esteem.


Vitamin Injections London is the sister clinic of bea Skin Clinic and was founded by Bianca Estelle, an experienced Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist providing IV/IM procedures to private clients in London, Antwerp and Abuja. Beginning her career as a senior laser therapist working with an array of high profile clients in Harley Street, London, our Clinical Director has achieved advanced level accreditations in a wide array of procedures. She was tutored by Europe's top dermatologists in the use of medical lasers and went on to become an official trainer for Dermaceutics, PCA Skin, Sigmacon (formerly Lumenis) and Medicos. Most recently, she has become a trainer and ambassador for the popular Secret Spa UK, whose therapists use bea Skin Care products exclusively.

Vitamin Injections London - iv infusion clinic


TARA SAUNDERS - Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

I've been a qualified nurse for over 18 years, a career spanning everything from Cardiac medicine to a nurse advisory role. Eventually I began working in aesthetics and wellness which is my true passion. Being able to play a key role in safely and effectively improving someone's appearance and health or boosting their confidence is very important to me. Equally, I enjoy building rapport with clients and patients, being able to explain simply the benefits of treatments and chat them through areas which can all too often seem complex for those not working in this industry. I've completed a variety of aesthetic training courses and alongside my role at Vitamin Injections London. I'm studying to become an independent nurse prescriber.

Olivia - Aesthetic Practitioner

Olivia is a trained phlebotomist and IV Practitioner who has benefitted from extensive training in pharmacology and blood diagnostics. With a strong interest in vitamin infusions, dermatology and anti-ageing skin care, Olivia utilises professional techniques acquired from her Harley Street-based training and possesses a high level of technical skill in the administration of intravenous and intramuscular injections. Working alongside Vitamin Injections London’s Clinical Director Bianca Estelle, Olivia takes a great deal of interest in the health and well-being of her clients and has spearheaded new treatment approaches at Vitamin Injections London.

Georgia - Nurse Practitioner

Georgia is an experienced Registered Nurse and Aesthetic Practitioner. After completing her training, she went on to practice at the established Kings College Hospital in London and - throughout the course of her career - has pursued a variety of advanced aesthetic training courses in vitamin nutrient therapy and lipolysis. She works closely alongside Clinical Director Bianca Estelle at Vitamin Injections London and performs a variety of treatments, which encompass advanced intravenous and intramuscular therapies as well as direct mesotherapy injections for the face and body. Bianca Estelle, Olivia and Georgia endeavor to provide the highest standards of care at all times, sharing the common goal of satisfying clients’ needs through the range of services they provide.

Faith Chris-Nzurike - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

With more than 11 years in the healthcare industry, Faith Chris-Nzurike joins us as an Advanced Nurse Prescriber who, much like the rest of the Vitamin Injections London team, is passionate about the wellbeing of those in her care.

Faith specialises and is qualified in cosmetic medicine and counselling, weight management and skin health, and has a BSc Psychology degree and a first class honours degree in Psychiatric Nursing. Her skillset and natural ability to understand a variety of conditions and clearly communicate solutions makes Faith a valuable member of our work family. We know our clients will truly benefit from her extensive experience and expertise.