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FEATURED IN GLAMOUR MAGAZINE – Vitamin B Complex Skin Patches

We’re pleased to report that our vitamin B Complex patches (shop here!) have been featured in the February 2017 edition of Glamour Magazine.

B complex patches deliver essential B vitamins into the bloodstream, where they play a vital role in the metabolism of the human body. Our Vitamin B Complex Patches are designed to support the brain and nervous system and improve the activity of the immune system. With their proprietary technology – which allows for the transdermal delivery of B complex vitamins into the skin through an easy-to-use skin patch – there’s no need to orally ingest a large number of B vitamins on a day-to-day basis.

Lethargy, bouts of flu, stress-related anxiety, high blood pressure and mental ‘fogginess’ can all be improved by applying vitamin B complex patches. B complex Vitamin Skin Patches are also an excellent option for those who are struggling to lose weight, as B Complex vitamins assist with the metabolisation of fat. Of course, they’re also a great compliment to those undertaking a course of our Vitamin B Complex Forte IV injections!

For more information, including a full breakdown of our ingredient concentrations, please visit our online store – we ship internationally!

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