Skin Lightening With Glutathione

Skin Lightening Introduction

At our UK glutathione injection clinic in London and Beckenham, Kent, we offer safe, natural and hydroquinone-free skin lightening with our signature intravenous (IV) course: Meso-Infusion With Glutathione. We also offer Glow Bright With Kojic Acid intravenous (IV) therapy and Surface White Mesotherapy micro-injections for localised areas of pigmentation.

A course of 24 Meso-Infusion injections will lighten the complexion across the entire body. Glutathione is an antioxidant and its efficacy is enhanced by vitamin C, which repairs dermal damage and alleviates chronic skin conditions.

Our Glow Bright With Kojic Acid infusions are a cost-effective alternative to glutathione and contain kojic acid, which lightens the skin and minimises UV damage.

Finally, our Surface White Mesotherapy injections deposit pure glutathione directly underneath the skin’s surface, treating sun damage, blemishes, skin discolouration, melasma and hyperpigmentation.

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At our UK glutathione injection clinic in London and Beckenham, Kent, we offer the following skin lightening IV and micro-injection treatments:

What to expect

Our nutrient therapy practitioners will help you select the best skin lightening injection for your particular case. Typically, once weekly mesotherapy treatments or bi-weekly IV treatments are recommended.

The Science

At our UK glutathione clinic, we offer antioxidant-rich intravenous glutathione injections and kojic acid injections.

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is a natural, mushroom-derived lightening agent which is safe to administer intravenously.


Glutathione is a tyrosinase-inhibiting antioxidant. It stalls the production of melanin and hydrates the skin at its cellular level.


For Meso-Infusion injections, glutathione powder is combined with vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid. It is impossible to give an accurate dosage level in mg until your physiology (weight and skin type) are assessed in consultation.

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