At Vitamin Injections London, we are leaders in the field of administering pure glutathione via IV infiltration and have been featured in many well-known publications for this reason. We have even developed the UK’s first Glutathione Suppositories and Skin Patches, which deliver a greater amount of this antioxidant into the bloodstream than conventional oral tablets have so far been capable of. Here, we're excited to introduce and expand upon the potential benefits of our glutathione IV liver detox.

Introducing the glutathione IV liver detox

Our specialist practitioners realise that glutathione has myriad benefits for a variety of conditions, both health-related and cosmetic, and that there are many applications for its use. Composed of the three amino acids glutamate, glycine and cysteine, glutathione is one of the world’s most potent antioxidants and has been shown to prevent heart disease, cancer and dementia. Most recently, it has become popular in the management of Alzheimer’s disease, autism and even as a means of reversing photo ageing.

It’s therefore safe to say that our Glutathione Wellness IV acts as an extremely prolific detoxifier once it enters the body, and one of the key areas this occurs is in the liver. Here, we explore the role of glutathione as a master antioxidant in one of our most vital organs, and assess the need for our glutathione IV liver detox injections in a variety of different cases.

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How our glutathione IV liver detox works

In our modern climate of stress-related illness and environmental degradation, glutathione deficiency has become an extremely common yet underestimated condition. Whilst the body actively produces this essential antioxidant molecule on its own, pollution, poor diet, toxins, stress, medication, ageing, infection, trauma and radiation all eat away at the body’s natural reserves. This leaves us vulnerable to damage from free radicals, oxidative stress and infections. If this is left untreated, any resulting glutathione deficiency can create a damaged and overloaded liver that is unable to sufficiently detoxify the body.

The utilisation of glutathione for liver support encourages the liver to flush out all built-up toxins, minimising the risk of developing a glutathione deficiency. There are many health benefits associated with our glutathione IV liver detox injections, and they include:

  • The protection of DNA and neurons from damage and degeneration;
  • Maintenance of optimal immunity;
  • The reduction and control of chronic inflammation;
  • Helping the mitochondria to generate optimal energy output;
  • The recycling of other antioxidants;
  • The protection of cells from free radical aggression.


Generally speaking, the more obvious physical and psychological benefits of glutathione are well known, and it is able to:

  • Prevent depression and anxiety disorders;
  • Improve mood, mental focus and memory;
  • Increase energy levels;
  • Increase muscle gain and endurance;
  • Improve wound healing;
  • Slow down the signs of skin ageing;
  • Improve skin elasticity and firmness.


Most crucially for the liver, our Wellness injections neutralise toxins and heavy metals, reducing their workload, and remedy the after-effects of alcohol consumption that otherwise encourages our livers to work overtime.

Glutathione as a master detoxifier

Although it is found and synthesised throughout all of the body’s cells, the largest quantities of glutathione can be found in the liver, which is the body’s primary detoxification organ. Here, it acts as an antioxidant, chelating agent and detoxification agent simultaneously.

In the liver, our glutathione IV liver detox injections play a key role in the following processes:

  • Neutralisation of reactive oxygen compounds and free radicals;
  • DNA repair and synthesis;
  • Protein synthesis;
  • Prostaglandin synthesis;
  • Enzyme activation;
  • Amino acid transportation;
  • Detoxification of methylglyoxal (a toxic byproduct of metabolism);
  • Maintenance of vitamins E and C in their active forms.


To fully appreciate glutathione’s role here, it is important to understand how the body detoxifies itself. The four main organs involved in the detoxification process are the kidneys, liver, skin and the intestinal tract. Out of these, the liver is tasked with detoxifying harmful substances that originate from the environment - including molds, pesticides, chemicals and air pollutants – as well as the detoxification of internal fats, sugars, proteins and parasites.

For the liver to do this, it must use up a great deal of glutathione. To draw an analogy, this can lead to a “rush hour” situation in our liver and cells, one in which no traffic officers or coloured lights exist. The oversaturation of roads and lanes ensues, and accidents may almost certainly occur.

Similar happens in our bodies, where toxins stick to glutathione and become water-soluble substances that are eventually excreted out via stool and bile. As this process unfolds, the immune system and cells require more glutathione to protect themselves from the harmful effects of these toxins. These demands increase until all glutathione supplies are depleted, and this is when the liver’s detoxifying ability comes to a halt, risking a toxic overload.

Glutathione deficiency consequences

This build-up of toxins causes an immune reaction, starting with inflammation, and in time, leading to DNA and cell damage. If this process continues, it paves the way for various chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancers, diabetes, arthritis, gastrointestinal diseases and many more.

Indeed, wasting diseases such as cancer and HIV have been associated with extremely low levels of glutathione. This may have something to do with the fact that the liver must convert fat-soluble molecules to water-soluble substances, and this is not feasible when pre-existing health conditions make the bioavailability of such elements a low probability in the first place.

Therefore, our glutathione IV liver detox injections can help alleviate these chronic conditions, put less strain on the liver and preclude the development of a glutathione deficiency.

Reduced vs. oxidised glutathione

It is important to note that glutathione in the liver exists in two states: oxidised and reduced. Our glutathione IV liver detox injection contains the reduced form, as this has the ability to neutralise reactive oxygen species and maintain the body’s protein content. Reduced glutathione can be administered in many forms, including intravenous applications, and it is this method that is used at Vitamin Injections London.

What to expect

If you’re interested in our glutathione IV liver detox therapy in the form of our Glutathione Wellness injections, please contact our experienced IV/IM practitioners, who will conduct a full review of your medical history and advise you regarding your suitability for our Glutathione Wellness IV. Call +44 (0) 203 823 6551 or reach us through our online form to book a consultation with our specialist IV/IM practitioners. Please visit our prices page to find out more about our single treatment and course options.

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